Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a videographer?

A video conveys sights and sounds in a way still pictures cannot. Please note however that it's not our intention to take the place of a photographer. We recommend having both, and will assist you in choosing one if desired.

Can I have my wedding filmed in HD?

As of January 1st, 2011, we do offer an HD option. Give us a call so that we can discuss the options.

What about audio?

We place a wireless mic on both the minister and the groom so that we can capture the best audio possible. If available, we also will attempt to get a cd of the ceremony or a feed from the sound board at the location to blend with the other audio sources.

How do I reserve my date?

To reserve your date, you simply pay your Reservation Fee. You also will submit a ccntract that outlines the details of your event. Your reservation fee preserves your date.

What is a reservation fee?

The non-refundable Shooting Reservation Fee acts as a reservation for your wedding date. Once we have this fee along with your contract, it guarantees that one of our videographers will be at your wedding and not scheduled to shoot something else at the same time. The shooting fee is what we charge to cover the time spent actually shooting video at your wedding (and the time spent to then capture those tapes to hard drive and transfer the raw footage to DVDs for you).

How do I get my wedding edited?

You simply pay the second portion of your package amount at any time up to 1 year after your wedding, and you will then be added to the edit schedule

What if I decide not to have my video edited?

That's perfectly fine. We will turn over all of the original footage to you, and the final payment is waived with no penalties of any kind. Just be aware that if you request the original footage tapes from us, we will no longer be able to offer editing services on that event.

What if my date changes or I cancel my wedding?

Because we receive multiple requests for many dates throughout the year, we have a strict policy concerning cancellations. To reserve your date, the shooting reservation fee must be paid in full. The shooting reservation fee acts as a verbal contract for our services, and we officially block that date out on our calendar, and tell all other brides that we are not available. Due to the lost opportunities associated with this, the shooting reservation fee is non-refundable.

EXCEPTION: We will provide a refund of a shooting reservation fee, minus a $200 convenience fee, if we are able to book another event for the cancelled date. The convenience fee is related to additional marketing costs related to attempting to fill the date after we may have already informed bride's that we were not available.

If your date is changed for any reason, we will provide coverage on your new date, provided we are still available. There is a $200 convenience charge applicable to changed dates.